Our favourite and most loyal Bee. Tim is simply the best. A hardworking and dedicated member of the Bee family we would be lost without him.


Junior housekeeper

Georgia. Lovely Georgia who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is a real asset to Clean Bee and we would be lost without her. Currently at university she returns for every holiday to resume her position as a Bee.


Junior housekeeper

Zoe. Sassy, smart and incredibly funny she is simply one of the best girls we know. Currently at university but she spends her breaks and holidays working her socks off for us at Clean Bee. She is one of the best Bee's we know and the best young housekeeper around.


Junior Housekeeper

Scarlett. A sweet and beautifully kind hearted young girl who gives her everything to her role at Clean Bee. Currently at university she spends every holiday working her wings off for Clean Bee.. She is a valued member of the Bee family.


Junior housekeeper

Rhys. Our rugby playing superstar who spends all his holidays working for us providing the best cleaning around. Loyal and hardworking he is a valued member of the team who has earned his nickname 'hoover bee' we would be lost without his hoovering skills!