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Hello lovelies,
I will try and keep this short and sweet

I have been working in the hospitality industry for the past 20+ years.

I have vast experience in different roles from managing the housekeeping departments in several large hotels to working for the two biggest letting agents in Salcombe.

Alongside my working career, I have been to university twice and qualified with a 1st Class Honours and 2:1 degrees, in Business Studies and Education and was a teacher for many years.

I have a young family of 5 children, so I found cleaning and caretaking fitted well with family life.
As our family dynamic changes, I feel it is time to expand and push my business in a different direction whilst maintaining the high standards the Clean Bee brand likes to offer.

I have a great network of support around me, all ready to help at a moments notice as well as the support of my family.

I believe that Clean Bee and Green Bee Gardening and The Salcombe Laundry Company Ltd can achieve great things by bringing the personal and professional hands-on experience that only comes from a local family run business.

Queen Bee


Meet Chris,

Born and bred in Salcombe with a family history of over 100 years, Chris is one of Salcombe's true locals.

Hard working, loyal and a dedicated family man, Chris is always striving to do the best for everyone. His current position as owner of Green Bee Salcombe doesn't deviate from his loyalty and work for 'Clean Bee.

Chris has also been a member of Salcombe RNLI as seagoing crew since 2013 which makes him very passionate about giving back to his community.

Clean Bee is a truly family run business and with Chris' help not only as a partner but also as a key team member,
Clean Bee promises to deliver great things with no compromise.

Husband, father and head of our gardening and maintenance operations, we would be lost without him!


Meet Chloe,

Chloe is Clean Bee Salcombe's new business manager and WOW what a difference she has made.
Chloe has worked for Clean Bee alongside her job as a Vet Physio for over a year and has proved her worth time and time again. She loves her role and puts her heart and soul into every aspect of her job going above and beyond each and every time. She loves your homes as much as we do and we know she will bring amazing changes to the Bee brand.

Welcome to the Bee family Chloe. x



Our favourite and most loyal Bee. Tim is simply the best. A hardworking and dedicated member of the Bee family we would be lost without him.


Junior housekeeper

Georgia. Lovely Georgia who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is a real asset to Clean Bee and we would be lost without her. Currently at university she returns for every holiday to resume her position as a Bee.


Junior housekeeper

Zoe. Sassy, smart and incredibly funny she is simply one of the best girls we know. Currently at university but she spends her breaks and holidays working her socks off for us at Clean Bee. She is one of the best Bee's we know and the best young housekeeper around.


Junior Housekeeper

Scarlett. A sweet and beautifully kind hearted young girl who gives her everything to her role at Clean Bee. Currently at university she spends every holiday working her wings off for Clean Bee.. She is a valued member of the Bee family.


Junior housekeeper

Rhys. Our rugby playing superstar who spends all his holidays working for us providing the best cleaning around. Loyal and hardworking he is a valued member of the team who has earned his nickname 'hoover bee' we would be lost without his hoovering skills!

Gardening - GREEN BEE image
New for 2020

Following a large amount of interest from owners, we are now offering a Gardening and Landscaping Service

Whether you are looking for a regular garden maintenance or your looking to give your garden a face-lift.

Working with many local suppliers and builders merchants, we can bring your ideas to life and create your ideal outdoor space,

We can provide you with a no obligation quote to meet your needs

Contact us in the message section below or call 07725 362675 to see how we can help you.

  • Salcombe, United Kingdom