We like to keep our properties in the best condition possible to maximise the owners lettings and reviews. We offer a service to help our owners. This could be from touching up paints work scuffs to a full repaint. We also arrange maintenance repairs and only use reputable tradesman to carry out this work. Our property maintenace team are on hand to fix even the minor of issues. Weekly and daily reports are given to our relevant team who work tirelessly to make sure that any issues that may arise from a wobbly loo seat or a bigger issue like a water leak are dealt with in a timely manner Call us today to find out more and see if we are able to help you. Hourly rate or a fix cost available. 07801 264973

  • Category: Caretaking and Property Services
  • Service Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Address: Salcombe, UK (Map)
  • Price:Free